Pterosaur teeth from Morocco

Pterosaur teeth from Morocco

Teeth of the extinct Pterosaur, a flying reptile that dominated the sky for 160 million years.

Flying reptiles

220 million years ago the first Pterosaurs emerged and got extinct 66 million years ago together with the dinosaurs. The Pterosaur was a flying reptile and not a dinosaur, but was closely related. From the still living animal they are most closely related to crocodiles and birds.Flying hunter

The pterosaur was the first flying vertebrate. The skeleton was very light and the skin consisted of strong muscles and tendons. The teeth were located in the front of the mouth, which can best be compared with a beak, in order to capture and hold fish.

Finding site of the teeth

These teeth are found in KemKem formation in Morocco, just like the Spinosaur and Mosasaur Teeth. These mountains contain a wealth of fossil remains from the age of the dinosaurs.