Vaca Muerta, Mesosiderite meteorite
Vaca Muerta, Mesosiderite meteorite

Vaca Muerta, Mesosiderite meteorite

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The Vaca Muerta meteorite is a rare mesosiderite that was discovered in 1861 in the extremely arid Atacama Desert in Chile.

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Discovery and Initial Misunderstanding

The Vaca Muerta meteorite was discovered in 1861 in the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of the driest areas on Earth. The initial confusion at the discovery, where gold diggers thought it was silver ore because of the shiny metal inclusions, marks a fascinating beginning of this meteorite with a tumultuous history.

Rare Classification and Composition

Class A1 mesosiderites, the class to which the Vaca Muerta belongs, are particularly rare. These stone-iron meteorites combine silicates and metals, indicating a turbulent history of cosmic collisions and mixing of material from different parts of an asteroid. The composition of the Vaca Muerta includes eucrite, a basalt-like mineral that provides insights into the crust of the parent body. This complex mix suggests that the material from Vaca Muerta originates from the core, mantle, and crust of an asteroid, mixed by massive impacts early in the formation of our solar system.

Size and Distribution

With a total weight of about 3.8 tons and fragments spread over a large area, Vaca Muerta is one of the largest mesosiderites ever found. The size and distribution of the meteorite across the landscape are indicative of the impact force with which it landed on Earth. This data is crucial for understanding the dynamics and consequences of asteroid impacts on Earth.

Scientific and Collective Importance

For scientists, Vaca Muerta provides valuable insights into the early processes of the solar system, while for collectors, it is a highly coveted object because of the unique and diverse rock formations it contains. The presence of eucrite and other minerals makes it a perfect candidate for research into the composition and evolution of asteroids and our solar system as a whole.


86 / 5.000 This Vaca Muerta is supplied in a plastic display box measuring 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm

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